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oxytone n : word having stress or an acute accent on the last syllable

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  • /ˈɒksɪˌtəʊn/ (UK) or /ˈɑksɪˌtoʊn/ (US)
  • /"QksI%t@Un/ (UK) or /"AksI%toUn/ (US)


oxytone (incomparable)
  1. Pertaining to a word with the stress or an acute accent on the last syllable.


  1. A word with the stress or an acute accenton the last syllable.

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An oxytone (, from the Greek: , oxýtonos) is a word whose last syllable is stressed, such as the English words correct and reward. A paroxytone is stressed on the penultimate syllable. A proparoxytone is stressed on the antepenultimate syllable.
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